Celebrating a mother’s beauty

Photography: Hobbs Photography

By Hannah Schenker

We are ALL about the body love here.

That’s right, however you look in this very moment is perfect. Lovely soft bellies, stretch marks, wobbly bits – it’s all perfect. Because it’s you, and you are here, living and breathing. That’s all there is to it.

Aimee & Jenna over at Hobbs Photography see this too, and have dedicated themselves to documenting this incredible beauty, both in photographs (scroll down) and in this video.

Watch it and remember your own beauty. Celebrate it, sisters. Tell your friends, your mama, your daughter how gorgeous they are! Because we need to remember.

Some words from the photographers:

“Each summer Jenna and I donate our time to a cause that both of us feel passionately about – celebrating motherhood and postpartum beauty.

All of our journeys as a mom is unique to each of us, yet I find it incredibly beautiful that regardless of shape, background, size, colour, that it is a thread that binds millions of women together from every corner of the world. There is little doubt that motherhood is a completely transformative experience that touches every aspect of our beings, and its mark on our bodies is no exception. In a society that is constantly trying to tell us that what beauty is , women are beginning to push back. In doing this, we are helping to shape a different future not only for ourselves, but for our children – for the way our daughters and sons will look at themselves, mothers, their partners.

So, to all the mamas who participated, thank you for being brave, for standing and saying, “Here I am. This is me. I am enough.” No matter where you are in your own journey of self-love and acceptance to seeing and celebrating your own postpartum beauty, know that somewhere another mother will see these images of you, read your words, and know that she is not alone. Despite our differences, we are all in this together.
~xo Aimee & Jenna”

Wow. Warm fuzzies, alright! Here are a few of their incredibly awesome photos:





You can find more from Hobbs Photography HERE.

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  1. says: Erin

    Gorgeous!!!!! I wish all women had a positive self image. When I think of one word to describe my body it is ‘extraordinary’ because it enabled me the ability to grow my baby girl, and continue to nourish her. Beautiful mamas

  2. says: Amy

    Wow! These are amazing. Sometimes it can feel very lonely looking in the mirror at the new body after children. These photos remind me that it is different but still beautiful. Thank you

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