10 Simple Tips for Great Energy ALL DAY

Photography: Brooke Cagle

By Kate Barnes

Do you find yourself rushing out the door with breakfast to get to work on time? Skipping lunch? Reaching for a sweet little, ‘pick me up’, mid morning or afternoon? Snacking constantly with rarely time for a real meal? Or at the end of the day you’re starving and have to eat something immediately, taking the edge of your appetite before dinner? I know I sure did, and if I wasn’t prepared, these choices left my body exhausted and body nutritionally depleted, continuing that cycle of poor choices and ultimately less than optimum health, especially once I had children.

To help ‘upgrade’ our choices, especially when we have children (we are role modeling to them as well), these 10 quick and easy strategies are guaranteed to improve energy, lower stress and help ensure we have great nutritional food on hand. The bonus – these tips will not only help you, but your entire family.

10 Simple Strategies: 

  • Start the day well. Enjoy a nourishing breakfast using whole foods, for example eggs (of any kind), leftovers from the night before, baked beans or a whole grain porridge or smoothies full of nourishing foods, e.g. chia seeds, soaked nuts, etc. Smoothie ingredients can be pre-prepared the night before, and if you need to, try getting up a bit earlier, it’s worth it.
  • Be organised and always have nourishing snacks on hand, e.g. homemade power balls, bacon and egg pies, cinnamon dusted sweet potato chips, homemade dips and pesto, leftover soup or other nourishing meals, (many of these and other recipes can be found on my website at http://www.katebarnes.com.au).
    Have a ‘cook-up’ on the weekend or one afternoon, invite a couple of friends over and have fun cooking up a storm. If those snacks aren’t readily available, then always have your basic ingredients in the pantry, ready to create some nourishing magic at anytime.
  • Try making lunch, dinner, e.g. have a larger meal in the middle of the day (only if possible) and a smaller meal in the evening. Much kinder on our digestion and there’s less to do when we get home.
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