4 Proven Steps to Heal Digestion & Boost Gut Health

By Sofia Potente

Did you know poor gut health is commonly linked to fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain, skin disorders and food sensitivities? 
The good news is it is 100% possible to be free from digestive distress and have a flatter, healthier gut. 

You just need the right support and a customised, holistic approach that addresses the underlying CAUSE of your symptoms. 

Common reflux medications and laxatives may give temporary relief. The trouble is they don’t deal with the root cause, and simply suppress symptoms, often leading to damage to the gut lining, impaired digestion and gut imbalances. 
As a Gut Health Coach and Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, I use the 4R Protocol to rebalance and restore the gut naturally over a 3-month period. 
REMOVE – remove triggers causing inflammation (offending foods, gut dysbiosis, pathogenic microorganisms in the gut) 
REPLACE – with digestive support and easy-to-digest foods to ensure optimal digestive function 
REBALANCE – repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria 
REPAIR + RESTORE – help repair the intestinal lining and soothe inflammation with supplementation and lifestyle support 
Together with a complete microbiome stool test, it’s the best way to understand the state of your digestion, health of your microbiome and to identify hidden triggers to your symptoms. 

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