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Earthsent is a Māori family-operated business based on whānau land in the Hokianga. Founded by Linda Pikari in 2008, this small enterprise produces handmade natural skincare and massage products to enhance health and wellbeing. As a natural health practitioner, herbalist and massage therapist, Linda developed this product range for a high-end spa customer base and supplies as both wholesale (for in-house treatments) and retail (for at-home care). 

Our name Earthsent speaks to the all-natural ingredients – sent from the earth – used to formulate our products. This means no artificial fragrances, preservatives, alcohol, parabens, additives or animal testing. All of our ranges are handcrafted in small batches which ensures the delivery of fresh product to our customers. 

Balance in Nature. Balance in Body. 

Just like our name, our brand message is simple: love your skin naturally. 

We focus on crafting skincare that is good for our customers, and for the environment. Our product ranges are developed using a blend of traditional rongoā Māori and modern medicinal knowledge bases. Alongside the use of supplied natural and organic ingredients, Linda also grows, collects and harvests native and floral botanicals for use in these specifically formulated products. 

Our Earthsent for Face range allows anyone to bring nature and rongoā Māori into their everyday skincare routine. All facial products, which include cleanser, toner, exfoliator, masks, moisturisers, serums and facial oils, contain rongoā Māori. We know everyone’s skin is unique and with the rise of skin sensitivities and allergies, we see the importance of creating options that focus on specific skin needs for dry, sensitive, inflammatory and mature skin types. 

Our Earthsent for Rongoā range right now consists of Kawakawa and Tūpākihi massage oils and healing creams. We make our native botanical extracts, oil and water infusions in-house.  

Kawakawa is known for its skin-healing and anti-inflammatory properties so is used to treat open wounds, cuts, burns, rashes and inflammatory skin conditions. 

Tūpākihi is known for its healing properties at a musculoskeletal level so we recommend using for deep tissue massage, muscle and bone injury and bruising. The Tūpākihi plant does however also have toxic properties so should not be used on open wounds or ingested. 

Stay tuned, as this range is due to grow with more products. 

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