20 things to love about being pregnant

By Hannah Schenker

Whether your little newt was planned or not, you can’t deny there is definitely some magic going on when you are pregnant. It is not always pure bliss as it may be an unexpected pregnancy, you may find yourself suddenly single, you may experience nausea, restless legs, weight gain, heartburn, insomnia and all manner of other things that interrupt our lives and complicate things. In fact, it can be downright terrible for some. So here are 20 things to LOVE about being pregnant. Even if there is just one thing you can find to appreciate, whether it’s on this list or something completely different, it might help to bolster your spirits and remind you of the magic that is always out there, waiting to be noticed.

  1. When you first find out. Until you decide to share the news, this teeny little cluster of cells is all yours, a little bubble of pure potential that only you and your partner know about.
  2. Being the bearer of GREAT news! Telling your loved ones that you are pregnant, if you’re excited about it, has got to be one of life’s greatest moments. Seeing the looks on their faces as they take it in. Bless.
  3. Hello, no more periods! If you are lucky enough to experience pain and heavy bleeding every month, now is your time to enjoy your full fertility! Bask in the changes as the months go by, without having to worry about disinfecting your mooncup or making sure all your cloth pads are ready to go 😛
  4. You get to take it easier. For women in our modern world, life is often hectic as we work in the public sphere as well as the domestic sphere. Growing a baby is work enough, so put your feet up and read a book, as much as you can.
  5. Actually, naps are encouraged. Go with it.
  6. You get to wear stretchy pants all the time. In fact, let’s just take a moment to be thankful that there are actually amazing maternity clothes available these days. Back in the day, all you got was an apron.
  7. Boobs. Boobs. If you were on the smaller side, these changes may make you feel super duper sexy and flaunting them every chance you get!
  8. Let it all hang out. Your growing belly is something to be admired and adored, spoken and sung to. Perhaps for the first time in your adult life, your soft roundness is something you can fall in love with too (long may that continue!).
  9. Feeling your baby’s movements. Those little flutters find their way straight into your heart and nosedive into an endless pool of unconditional love. Sharing these moments with your loved ones is such a unique and magic experience. Even cooler is when you can SEE the movements responding to your touch or voice.
  10. You ARE special. Your big round belly will have people hopping up to give you their seat, holding doors open, carrying things for you, better service…let them. Enjoy. You’ll probably be bringing out the kindness in people.
  11. The glow we all go on about, is REAL! Your skin and hair may be totally boosted by the whole situation, as your hormones and an increase in blood volume get you looking amazing.
  12. Just say NO! You have full license to turn things down at the drop of a hat, because you’re pregnant. You’ve got a get-out-of-everything-free card, use it!
  13. Maternity leave. FINALLY. Time to nest…
  14. Quit nasty chores. You never have to go near the kitty litter again. Just say it’s not allowed.
  15. Va-va-voom in the bedroom. Once you’re into your second trimester, things should start looking up in the love-making department, as an increase in blood flow to the area and your change in body shape can increase the pleasure, baby!
  16. The health express. Knowing there is a sensitive little soul growing inside you may be enough to help you kick the habits you’ve wanted to kick for ages. Caffeine, smoking and drinking get the old heave-ho as you devote yourself and your health to this little being.
  17. New connections. Being pregnant will have other mums and pregnant women gravitating toward you, which can be really useful as you move forward into this new stage in your life. Appreciate these people, for they could become your vital support network once baby comes.
  18. A rose by any other name. The creative pursuit of thinking about a name for your baby! Will you go for tradition, trends or come up with something completely new?
  19. Cultivating curiosity. Be in awe of all these wondrous changes your body is going through as it works hard to grow an entire human being right inside of you. It can be easy to focus on the stretch marks or the physical pains and problems, but what is happening in your body is nothing short of miraculous!
  20. Daddy love. If you are with a partner, you may be experiencing whole new levels of intimacy, as Daddy moves into his new role alongside you. You may well be better cared for and nurtured during this time, and lucky to witness the emotional connection and affection that begins for Daddy when baby is still developing inside of you.

We would love to hear any other things you love about your pregnancy, so please tell us in the comments below to keep the love train going.

Hannah Schenker is a freelance writer, editor and regular contributor to The Natural Parent Magazine. She lives with a touch of magic in Golden Bay, New Zealand. 

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