My Play Kit is a subscription rental service that delivers quality educational toys to your door! Kits include handpicked toys, games, puzzles and books suited to the developmental stage your child is at or is heading towards.

The kits are designed to match the skills that your little one will be working on developing.  During the first year of life your little one will be developing skills very quickly.  We have designed these kits to get progressively more difficult every month – what is too difficult one month, may be just what they need the following month.  To accommodate for this we have broken down the kits into monthly increments. Once your child has turned one year old they are able to work on mastering different skills over a longer period of time, so we have grouped the kits into 3 month increments.  And after 2 years, we have grouped the kits into 6 month increments.


  • A variety of toys, books, games and/or puzzles thoughtfully hand-picked with the developmental needs of your child in mind. 

  • An Age/Stage card outlining the developmental milestones that your child should be working towards for the age/stage they are at. However, all children develop at their own pace so these milestones are a guideline only. They are written in either 3 month or 6 month increments, which allows your child enough time to learn a new skill, practise it and then master it. It is important that children are given enough time to master skills before moving forward.

  • Tips 4 Toys cards. These offer a few suggestions on how to use the toys provided depending on the stage your child is at. The tips are broken into easy to understand Developmental Skills  (see our Child Development Page for more)

Benefits of a MPK Membership:

  • No more unnecessary stockpile of old toys your little one’s no longer play with.
  • Option to buy a particular toy your child loves, and at a reduced rate.
  • Environmentally friendly! Reduce and Reuse. Focus on sturdy, wooden toys.
  • Save money! On average, the retail value for these items is $225.00.
  • New and exiting items each month, targeted to your child’s developmental milestones.
  • Helps educate parents about their child’s development.

**Kit, Toy and Book Sales are also available on the website**

Organic, natural and chemical-free. Our clothing is made of organic cotton and merino, without the use of harmful chemicals, leaving nothing on your baby’s skin except pure goodness.