Nestle In: The Beauty of Babywearing

There are many products on the market for new parents, some of which may be seen as a fad, waste of money or an expensive novelty. The increasing number of products available can confuse parents, make them unsure of their current practices and make them wonder if they are doing enough.

One product that has evolved over time, tracing back hundreds of years, is the baby carrier, which has become a staple in many households. Mothers used to carry their babies on them whilst picking fruits and nuts; baby carrying is in our nature and continues today with mothers using carriers and slings to carry their babies whilst completing their day to day activities.

There are arguments against baby carriers: that they can affect growth, teach the child to be too dependent, and puts risk of damage on the mother’s back. These arguments have all been researched and are far from the truth.

There are many baby carriers on the market these days with various brands and styles. Whether you are after a backpack carrier, a sling or a front facing carrier – you can find a great range of them online.

There are countless positive attributes to using a baby carrier.

Most strap-on baby carriers have the baby sitting in a “froggy” position. This is a position that some say can affect the growth and hip development of children. Research has shown that this position is actually healthy for a child and recommended. The spread of the hips helps with hip development.

Babywearing is convenient for both mum and bub. Being able to continue with day-to-day tasks when you have an unsettled baby is ideal. Using a carrier means that your bub is able to be close to you, hear your heartbeat, feel your rhythm and be soothed by you. Being able to continue with your tasks means that you are also more settled, have a level head and are happy. Happy parent = happy family.

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