Basically, Women Have Superpowers: Mum Works Out Time Spent Breastfeeding

Photography: Jenny Tamas | Instagram @gypsynspice

By Hannah Schenker

Jenny Tamas has done a little math…about breastfeeding! She worked out just how much time she spent breastfeeding her daughter over the course of a year, and how much milk she would have produced, something astonishing to anyone and yet more proof that women basically have superpowers!

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Tamas posted the beautiful snap to her Instagram page @gypsynspice of her feeding her daughter Lilly, along with the caption:

“So, I did the math- I’ve been breastfeeding Lilly for 1 year which means (conservatively) I have fed her from my body 5,475 times, which means (conservatively) I’ve have spent 1,825 hours holding her to my breast, which also means (conservatively) my body has produced 342 gallons of milk.
What I am basically saying is that women have superpowers✨ #littlestlilly .”

We tend to agree that this feat of human design is absolutely amazing and definitely worth celebrating.

You might want to head over to Instagram and follow her page, because she shares some absolutely beautiful photos.

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