Your Birth Stories: Romy and Opal

Photography: First Embrace

Birth story by Romy McGahan Daniel. Photography by Jenna Nord – First Embrace Photography

Opal is my fourth baby girl, and my fourth home birth.  My midwife was also my mother’s midwife and helped welcome my sister and I into the world. She has assisted at the births of eight babies in our family. It seemed natural that she would be my midwife, and the bond she shares with our family is rare and special.

Opal’s was my only daytime labor and birth, and it progressed differently than my first three. It was gradual and slow, and then built up to a peak that went very fast from there. It went exactly as I could have wanted – my husband was at my side from the moment I knew I was going into labor, and since he had missed our third daughter’s birth by 45 minutes, we were both very intent on having him be as involved as possible with this birth.

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  1. says: Katie

    Wow!! What a beautiful birth centered around family. I love that she had specific preferences based on past birth experiences. And that cord is so interesting– coiled and then not coiled at all! Jenna captured the story beautifully!

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