Birth Trauma Website Launched on International Maternal Mental Health Day

The site has taken Kate almost two years to create, but support has been resoundingly positive. She states, “I keep meeting women who say ‘I wish there was something like this after I’d had my baby’, I just hope it helps put people a little bit more at ease at one of the most important and often challenging times in their life.”

Carla Sargent, who runs Voice for Parents, NZ’s only birth trauma-specific counselling service, said: “Given that birth trauma is a poorly acknowledged aspect of many womens’ transition into motherhood, this website is going to be such an important tool. So many Kiwi women and their whanau are in desperate need of information, validation and guidance around where to go for help. My Birth Story is going to fill that vital need.”

The site will be promoted widely so that those who need it can access it readily.

When asked “what next?” Kate replied: “I’ll probably clean my house and then crack on with finding funding to sustain the site, having paid for it myself so far.”

Contact Details:
My Birth Story founder: Kate Hicks


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