Blossom Rain: A Short Rhyming Story for Children

Artist: Thana-one Yazawa

This rhyming story is the final in a series of three by Michelle Wanasundera, for children aged 4 years + and aims to nurture children’s imagination as well as a love for the simple wonders in life such as nature! Read it aloud to your child and enjoy. You might also enjoy the first two – Dandelion and Silver Lining

Blossom Rain

You’ve nothing to do,

nowhere to go today,

meaning all day long

in the garden to play!


You think sitting under

the blossoms will be fun,

watching new blooms

stretch their petals to the sun.


You’re rewarded for waiting –

a bright bee comes along,

carrying its pollen,

buzzing its song.


Can you be like a bee?!

Breathing deeply from your tum,

then take a long breath out –



Waiting a little longer,

daydreaming on your own,

when out pops a lizard

to warm its body on a stone.


But nothing stays the same

and a change is coming!

The gentle breeze has turned

to a gale that’s blowing!


You know blossom trees

cannot stay the same,

soon its petals swooosh,

making blossom rain!


One minute you’re watching

the bee in the flower,

now you’re twirling

in a blossom shower!


Each change is yours

to enjoy as you let go,

say ‘Spring Bye Bye’

and ‘Summer Hello!’


Seasons are fleeting,

we can’t miss greeting the flowers!

Or sitting and watching

stripy bees for hours.


A few more gusts,

and no more petals will remain,

but you’ll be so glad you danced

in the blossom rain.

Artist: Thana-one Yazawa

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