Five Things to Consider When You Pivot your In-Person Business to Online

Bhakti Rose

By Katie Rose

In recent times, many businesses have transitioned from in-person offerings to the online space and the shift comes with many pros and cons. Yoga Teacher and Online Summit organiser Katie Rose reflects on some considerations for your online business that might not be immediately obvious.

1. You don’t need super professional lights, cameras or backdrops 

Gone are the days where more professional meant more respected or legitimate. In fact, in the current climate, a more ‘home-made’ vibe can leave people feeling more relaxed and more easily able to relate to you. For example if you are recording content for an online course on your own phone, a simple phone stand and maybe a mic is really all you need.

Viewers tend to feel separated the more formal or professional your offering. An ‘at-home-with’ vibe invites your audience into your life more and creates instant connection.

Think of all the overnight Instagram and Facebook celebrities that do cooking demos or simple ‘how to’ tutorials for example.

2. You do need a point of difference 

There is so much content out there now. If you are a yoga teacher, it’s not enough to put on a simple general class and hope that people will find you. Who do you love to teach? Is it older people? New mums? People who are giving up smoking? People who want to practise at home with kids around? Find a niche and market to them and you will have a captive audience of subscribers.

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