Blue Frog Breakfast: Starting the Day on the Right Foot For Littlies


Kelly Gibney‘s new cookbook “Wholehearted” launches in March and to celebrate both the launch of this and Blue Frog Breakfast‘s new range of children’s cereals, The Natural Parent Magazine is giving away a hamper which includes Kelly’s new book and the full range of Blue Frog children’s cereals. Valued at $80. Details on how to enter at the end of the article!

We spoke to Scotty Baragwanath founder and chief cereal maker at Blue Frog Breakfast about the launch of their new range of popped buckwheat cereals for big and little kids; and their recent collaboration with talented Kelly Gibney.

Breakfast can be a contentious issue but you will find no greater advocate for starting the day on the right foot than Scotty. The self-confessed cereal fanatic has always loved cooking tasty and nutritious foods but as a dad found the cereal aisle a challenge to both his nutritional values and sanity.

“If you’re a parent with children of a certain age you know the dread of heading down the cereal aisle to negotiate the requests and arm-twisting while at the same time trying to navigate nutritional labels, star ratings and collectors’ cards,” says Scotty.

“I’m a dad and I want my kids to have the most nutritious start to the day but I thought hey, why not make it a fun, appealing and delicious one too.”

And so, the idea for a new range of simple but exciting cereals that would please both big and little people was formed. Each cereal is refined sugar-free and made using only natural wholefood ingredients and flavour combinations the company is famed for making.

Blue Frog ran extensive taste testing to find out exactly what would appeal to their target market’s cereal-loving taste buds and settled on three new cereals with classic flavour combinations: Banana Choc Crunch, Mixed Berry Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch. Β They had no issues convincing fellow organic and natural food fans: All Good Bananas, OOB Berries and Fix&Fogg Peanut Butter to help bring the cereals to life.

It was during the product development phase that the team also gained valuable insight into the consuming habits of the younger cereal munchers.

“Like my own kids, most kids are suckers for choice and create-your-own so we decided it was important to create cereals which could standalone or be mixed-and-matched and this really seemed to really appeal to our taste-testers,” says Scotty.

“There was some serious cereal mixology and spirited individualism going on which is exactly what we love here at Blue Frog.”

Blue Frog then teamed up with the talented wholefood writer, mum, stylist and photographer Kelly Gibney to showcase the fun and goodness of the new range.

“It was really important to us to connect with someone who was joyful and shared the same food philosophy and got what we were all about,” says Scotty.

“We couldn’t have found a better person than Kelly and have loved being able to share her breakfast creations using our new range of cereals to the world.”

We had the opportunity to interview Kelly about working with Blue Frog and her outlook on breakfast and life.


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