Breastfeeding tips you need to know

4. Love your nipples 

A gamechanger for me was when I didn’t take care of my nipples, and one got cracked and started to bleed. I actually thought it was worse than labour haha. 

Having a cracked, bleeding nipple and then having to put your babies little mouth around it and suck on it, was just absolute torture. I made a note: ok let’s not ever let that happen again. 

The horrible thing is, to breastfeed you need to relax. If you’re tense then your milk isn’t going to come in.

A cracked, bleeding nipple being sucked on immediately sends your body into a tense ball of pain. So what do we do mamas? 

Nipple hack: 

  • After every single feed, even if your nipple doesn’t hurt, dry your nipple with a clean cloth (ok let’s be real, your T-shirt)  
  • Apply a nice thin layer of Purelan 100 
  • Make sure you do it even when the nipple isn’t cracked or broken! 
  • Once your nipples harden up and get used to the breastfeeding, you won’t need to use it 
  • If your nipple still becomes cracked or bleeds, just keep drying it and putting the cream on. Stay consistent with drying it, keeping it clean and putting heaps of nipple cream on 
5. Healthy eating plan 

This is something that I think is so absolutely important, but sometimes we forget. Our bodies are working overtime, birth is traumatic! And we are still trying to adjust to the new sleeping patterns (or non-sleeping patterns), that we forget that what we put into our bodies is going to affect our milk flow.  

My range of Totally Devoted cookies has been created by mums for mums. These cookies are packed with ingredients which will help support your body through this rough time and boost and maintain your milk supply. It doesn’t just enhance milk supply for the baby, but they can also help assist with fatigue and overall health. 

Our cookies are wheat-free, we have dairy-free options, and best of all we don’t bake with any refined sugars! We love our babies, and think they deserve the best! Just like you. 

Benefits of Lactation Cookies 

Don’t be fooled by marketing! A true lactation cookie isn’t just a regular cookie. They need to be made FULL of wholesome ingredients, containing plenty of age-old galactagogues (not just one or two), yet still be as natural and unrefined as possible, so they’re healthy and nutritious enough to support the good nutrition that’s so important to both you and your baby’s health during breastfeeding. 

What herbs are in the Feeding cookie? 

We’ve included both fenugreek and fennel in our feeding cookies. These are both well-known galactagogues and have been used for many years as a herbal remedy to promote healthy lactation. Not only can they help stimulate milk flow but they can be used to counteract infant colic, either being consumed by the mother or directly by the infant. 

Come and join thousands of kiwi mums that are using Totally Devoted cookies to help them with their breastfeeding journey. Order a box today

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