A Bundle of Joy, Delivered to Your Door

Photography: Kelly Sikkema

By Hannah Schenker

Women are bombarded with so much stuff – from the moment they find out they are pregnant, to those early hazy newborn days, and on and on it goes. Where do you find things that are premium quality, beneficial and helpful, all in one place? Who has time to visit loads of different stores these days, let alone know what to buy or what you need? Online shopping is wonderful, but as you shop around, using up precious time in the process, the cost of posting each item really adds up. What if you could get everything you need in one, lovely care package? Well now you can, with Silver Stork.

Silver Stork curates bespoke care packages filled with designer delights and quality essentials for mums-to-be, new mums, and your babies. All delivered to your front door. Because you, mama, and your bub, deserve the best.

This is not any old gift hamper, either. This is much more than that. Premium luxury products and essentials that are hand-picked based on your unique circumstances. What they choose to go into each package is based on a personalised questionnaire they send you. That gives them a good idea of your personality, style, condition, challenges, and even your and your baby’s development stages. They really take the time in getting to know you as a person, and the circumstances you find yourself in. And because every woman, pregnancy and baby is unique, EVERY SINGLE Silver Stork care package is unique. Complete with a wonderfully personal twist, handwritten notes are included in each package, explaining the benefits of each product included.

This is a luxury care package service, where Silver Stork’s aim is to act as a ‘midwife’ to the exhausted/time-poor/style-conscious/baffled mums out there, by including all the products you need (and want) during your particular trimester or month with your baby. You can choose a single box for the specific stage you are at, or sign up for their subscription service to receive care packages every few months as you move through either your pregnancy or the first year with your new baby. Purchasing a one-off package is a great way to ‘try before you buy’ a subscription.

Silver Stork care packages also make the perfect meaninful gift for someone special expecting a baby – you and your friends/family/colleagues could get together and gift one of these amazing subscription services to your mum-to-be friend or co-worker – a gift that keeps on giving! You always have the option of buying a one-off gift too as a single treat. And they also offer beautifully packaged gift cards if you can’t decide. Christmas is coming up, after all! These are also super useful for women living in remote areas that can’t access shops easily: they receive all they need in one spot.

Silver Stork founder Caz Hoad knows exactly what it’s like in those early days as a new mum. “If I wasn’t feeding, pumping, cooking, working or sleeping, I was desperately trying to squeeze in a shower. I saw that as my ‘me’ time,” she says. “But soon realised how important it was to have that time and treat myself. So I made sure I did (thanks hubby!) – I went to get my nails done, had regular massages and saw friends for a catch up. It is so important to keep sense of oneself and not lose your identity as you take on the responsibility of being a mum. When someone receives a Silver Stork package, there’s no need to spend what little precious time you have in shops or browsing online. With everything you need delivered to your front door, in a large luxurious keepsake box, you now have more time to do those things you love… and most importantly, make memories with your new bundle of joy!”

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