Cheat’s Kimchi: No Fermentation Needed

Photography: Loveday Why |

By Loveday Why

Quickest, most nutritious lunch jar coming up…grated veg, seeds and capers. Sort of a kimchi but no lengthy fermentation needed, just several slugs of cider vinegar. You can make a giant batch of this and keep it in the fridge for adding to salads, sandwiches and sides.

For this one, I grated:

1 clove of garlic (optional)
1cm of root ginger

and mixed it through with:

cider vinegar to taste (I use about a dessert spoonful)
a few capers
handful of sunflower seeds
grind of himalayan salt and black pepper

I let it stand in its glass jar overnight so the flavours combined. Then ate it for lunch with a whole avocado.

(Beet is a blood cleanser and liver lover and is great for stamina and muscle strength. Cucumber has B vitamins and electrolytes, as well as being 95% water so is effective at rehydrating and eliminating toxins. Sunflower seeds are a potent source of Vitamin E for your skin. The avocado not only provides good fats in its own right but fat is needed for the body to efficiently absorb all the nutrients from the other ingredients – win!)

Loveday is a writer, healer and coach. She offers in person and distant Rahanni energy healings and is currently leading workshops in movement, meditation and writing practices from Studio Tula, Dunedin. You can find more of her simple, nourishing recipes and vibrant, heart-led living on her website Wild and Good.

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