Empowering Women To Make Positive Health & Wellbeing Choices

With almost 10 years in the health and wellness industry, Melanie Hansen has helped hundreds of women make positive changes in their lives. As an integrative women’s health coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer, she helps women – especially mothers and mothers to be – feel more energised, relaxed and confident about themselves and about the choices they’re making, allowing them to enjoy a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

I started my business in 2011, not too long after having my second child. It began as a desire to do something for myself that I loved and was interested in and very quickly grew into a love of supporting women with their own health and wellness. Since then I’ve grown what started out as a boutique personal training studio into an integrative women’s health practice. I help women to transform their minds, bodies and lives by supporting and empowering them to make positive improvements to their health and well-being through a very down-to-earth approach to wellness. 

I love what I do so much that it really doesn’t feel like work to me. It lights me up more than almost anything else and I truly feel I’m living my life legacy. Supporting other women – especially mothers – to be and feel the best they can. 

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning? 

I started studying part time while I had a newborn and a toddler and, once qualified, opened up my boutique personal training studio at home.  

My clients were mostly mums from school, friends, mothers group friends and neighbours. As time went by, word of mouth helped to grow my business more. 

It wasn’t long before I discovered that to really help the women I was training, I also needed to be able to support them with their nutrition, lifestyle, careers, relationships, stress, sleep, etc. This is when I began my journey of further study in nutrition, yoga, health coaching, hormone health, fertility and more. My business has just continued to grow and expand from here. 

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business? 

I think the biggest breakthrough has really been through pivoting and changing my business to support my clients with what they need. The coaching and mentoring side of my business is my favourite thing and I have been able to realise that through coaching I can best support my clients to make transformational changes.  

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