Connect with your baby through massage

For me, this has meant outsourcing a lot of the tasks that someone else could do for me. The first virtual assistant that I ever had truly changed my life! She literally lifted a huge mental load off my shoulders. My mobile was diverted to her 24/7 and she took over all the bookings and enquiries and filtered through only the messages that I needed to deal with. (My friends and family knew just to text me and I would call them if they needed to talk to me!). 

The biggest benefit to this was that I wasn’t constantly on my phone and could spend more time and be more present with my own babies.When i was at home I was 100% at home, when I was at work I was 99% at work 😉 ….. I could never completely switch off thinking about my babes!

The drive: What challenges did you overcome?  

Baby massage is still very much in its infancy in Australia and New Zealand  and I feel like it is still seen as “fluffy” and just a “nice thing to do”,  especially when you compare it to the US and UK where most new parents will enrol into baby massage classes without thinking twice about it. Like we would enrol our babes into swimming lessons here in Australia.  

I have been working extremely hard over the last 6+ years to raise awareness and education around the benefits of baby massage and the incredible power of love, touch and connection for parents/primary caregivers and their babies in the early years !  

For better or worse: what are the pros and cons of running your own business?  

Owning your own business can be really hard. It is a long, windy and sometimes very lonely road. I feel like having a baby and starting a business are actually really similar: in the beginning they both need a lot of love, time and energy. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions but it’s 100% worth it in the end!  

The biggest pro to owning my own business is that I have the flexibility to work around my family. I get to go to assemblies and ballet lessons and do school drop off and pick ups. I am able to be there while at the same time being able to financially support my family. This is everything!  

Hopes and dreams: What’s next?  

My dream is to be able to teach 20,000 parents how to massage their babies and children in 2020 and create more loving and connected relationships between parents and babies all over the world.  

I feel this is even more important now with COVID19, where we are all navigating and adjusting to a new way of life. Many families are suddenly living in each other’s pockets, worried about money and missing their family and friends. We are all on high alert, feeling extra stressed, anxious and overwhelmed about what the future holds. Our babies will most certainly pick up on this!  

Our babes may not remember what they had or didn’t have during this time, but they are going to remember how you made them feel.  

My hope is that parents and primary caregivers will consciously carve out special 1:1 time with their babies and children and make memories of massage time that will be cherished for years to come. #makememoriesthroughmassage 

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