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Alaya Intuitive Womb Healing

Based on Integrative Pelvic Health® studies as well as years of personal experience and healing, Dominika Alaya’s vision is to encourage women to take the next step on their journey of self-love, healing and embodiment with love and compassion. Through specific movements of your pelvis, your bones and muscles, and guided meditation, she supports you through exploring layer after layer of information stored in your body, releasing what does not serve you and discovering who you are at this very moment. Here she talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind Alaya Intuitive Womb Healing and the benefits of the Integrative Pelvic Health® method.

What is Alaya Intuitive Womb Healing about? 

Alaya is an expression of my deepest heart desires in this world. I am very passionate about reminding women of their innate beauty, power and wisdom. In my sessions, I take clients through an exploration of their pelvic floor in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Together, we are connecting back to the wisdom of our bodies. I believe that it is through love, sensitivity and patience that deep healing and connection occur. 

How do you work with your clients? 

In my sessions and courses, I follow the Integrative Pelvic Health® method. It is an integration of spiritual and anatomy based practices for radiant and sustainable health. In its core lies well-researched anatomy of the female pelvis and thoughtful exercises awakening the deep hidden structures of the body. Exercises are combined with a meditative realm that allows us to connect with our subconsciousness to release old trauma or limiting beliefs. This process helps us to release pain (physical or emotional) and embody more of who we are.  

Who is the session suited for? 

I get asked this question so often. I believe this practice is suited for any woman of any age that wishes to connect back to her body and nourish herself from the inside out. However, exploring and experiencing the anatomy of the pelvic bowl is very beneficial to pregnant women, as well as women postpartum. 

For pregnant mammas, knowing their own body well and knowing how to move all the muscles of the pelvic bowl is so helpful during labour. They also gain more confidence and trust through guided meditations and practices we do together. When women are postpartum, we work very slowly to restore the balance in their pelvic bowl. We focus on different layers of the pelvic bowl each week and support the connection with their intuition, so the transition into the new role would be more easeful.  

That being said, the Integrative Pelvic Health® method can also be very supportive when there is an old trauma and tension stored in the pelvic bowl. There is no time limit to healing and expansion. 

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