Cute traditions and ideas for new mums

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By Elizabeth Barletta

It takes months to see and meet your baby. After such a long wait, you finally have a chance to hold your baby burrito and imagine everything that the future holds. Besides wondering “how do I feel about becoming a mother?” and thinking about the many sleepless nights ahead of you, there are so many sweet moments and memories awaiting you. Being a mother is the best feeling and creating new family traditions will enable you to reminisce happily about these days.  

Cute traditions and ideas for newbie mums 

1. Family photo 

Did you know that babies grow between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters per month? They change so quickly and soon enough they become this cute little human with their own personalities. Start documenting every new experience and take photos and videos to keep those nice, warm memories. It is not just your baby: you are also changing, your whole family is, so hold these memories for future nostalgia trips. 

2. Baby diary 

You can get these online, or you can make a customised version for yourself. Find a notebook, and write down what is essential for you. Include date of birth, how big the baby is, colour of eyes and hair, where the baby was born and who was there, who is the godmother and add a space for a photo. You can also dip the baby’s hand into the paint to leave a small mark on the pages. It could be an adorable birthday reminder and birthday ritual. 

3. Time capsule 

This could be a great joy for your whole family and friends! Write a short letter that will be opened when your newborn turns 15 years old. Make some predictions for your child (what they will be like or what their hobbies would be) and let everybody write down their names. Let them open it on their birthday or some other important day you choose. 

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