5 Tips for a Healthy Distance-Learning Space for Your Children

By Emily Folk

Whether you’re diving head-on into online school, going the hybrid route or allowing your children’s teachers to completely guide the way, finding an optimal space for them to learn is one of the most important parts of their education. However, setting them up for success isn’t simply about finding an optimal space – it’s about making one. While you may feel pressured to create an entire classroom in your house, you don’t have to.

Creating a learning environment for one or a few is very different from establishing a classroom meant to fit 30. Each child has their own way of doing things, and leaning into their personalities and individuality can give you an edge in helping them learn.

Your kids’ ideal space should have all the necessities and, of course, some personal style.

Is Distance Learning Right for You? 

While creating an optimal space for learning might be easy for some, others might have a tougher time. Not all districts offer safe and responsible hybrid or in-person learning, but for those who do have the choice, the first question you may want to ask yourself is whether the best learning space for your child is at home or in-person at school.

While in-person or hybrid learning might require you to find a breathable, comfortable mask for your child, it can eliminate screen time and offer a more personal connection to learning. Especially if you live in an area where school can be held outdoors, this option might be great. However, if your area doesn’t offer hybrid or in-person learning, or you find it isn’t right for your family, creating a space at home could be your best bet.

1. Eliminate Distractions  

No matter what age your child happens to be, distractions can always take away from valuable academic time.

By having a clean, tidy space with toys in the other room and no personal electronics, you can keep your kids on task.

Keeping noises to a minimum and separating learning time from snack and playtime can also be great for encouraging focus and getting things done quicker. That way, they may even get more free time later.

2. Get Cosy 

Comfort is crucial for truly getting in the zone. Being in an environment that feels safe and cosy can revolutionise a home classroom. A comfy chair for reading, blankets, warm lighting and decorations you know your kids love can make a big difference. When children are more comfortable, they tend to ease into learning much better.

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