Dad Sets Up Hilarious Photo Scenes With His Baby Girl

Photography: Instagram | @sbsolly

By Hannah Schenker

Most parents love taking photos of their babies. Because: CUTE! Some parents even book professional photo shoots to document themselves with their pride and joy. And some parents dress their babies up in funny costumes and take photos with them – like dad Sholom Ber Solomon.

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This California dad sets up these hilarious scenes, dressing up both himself and his 9-month-old daughter Zoe in funny costumes, and shares the photos taken by wife Carli on his Instagram page – @sbsolly. Wait until you see the garden gnome!

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He’s not new to this whole dressing up thing – before Zoe came along to spice up his photos, Sholom Ber was taking quirky pictures of himself and sharing them with his family and friends for a laugh. But when he realised daughter Zoe was happy to sit for photos, he started incorporating her cuteness into the silly scenes.

He told The Daily Mail: “She definitely makes all the pictures a lot cuter as without her I’m just a fat chubby guy who likes to take silly pictures. The ideas for what me and Zoe will do next is endless.”

His following online is growing with more than 21,000 followers on Instagram and their photos making people laugh worldwide. He hopes to keep brightening people’s days with silly photos for as long as possible: “I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me,” he says.

Scroll down to see more of his photos and be sure to follow him on Instagram: @sbsolly!

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