Dad’s Tearful Elation at Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

By Hannah Schenker

Are you a sucker for a good pregnancy announcement like we are? Having fairly decent cameras in our pockets means more people than ever are documenting and sharing the moment they tell their loved one that they’re pregnant, and it often gets the tears flowing.

After trying to get pregnant for some time, Jenny McGivney, from the US, found out she definitely was pregnant and decided to surprise the baby’s daddy, and film it.

She hands her husband a fence picket, which she had actually turned into a height chart, and a card with the two positive pregnancy tests printed and put inside. Watch as he figures out what he’s looking at – you’ll be crying along with him at the amazing news!

“The night before this video I took yet another pregnancy test which was negative,” she says in her post on Love What Matters. “My OBGYN was having me come in to run some tests on the morning of this video and it turned out I was actually pregnant.”

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