DIY Skincare Tips – With Stuff You Already Have!

We use an average of 12 products on our skin everyday and approximately 60% of this is absorbed into the bloodstream. Popular mainstream products are filled with chemicals and ingredients we can’t pronounce and that we definitely wouldn’t put in our mouth so why do we put it on our skin?

It’s a no-brainer if we want to be healthier and happier we need to ditch the chemicals and make natural skin the rule not the exception.

Natural alternatives are no longer just for dirty hippies – they are the way of the future. There are so many awesome plant-derived products on the market so simplifying your skin care has never been easier and chances are you’ll have much better results. The fact is if you’re suffering from skin problems the preservatives and toxins in your products are causing them not fixing them!

Natural alternatives are no longer just for dirty hippies – they are the way of the future.

Not only are natural products better for our health but the environment too – many synthetic ingredients do not naturally break down and have been found to lead to aquatic toxicity, which basically means that they can potentially pollute natural bodies of water such as lakes, and the sea, resulting in the deaths of fish and other aquatic life (don’t get us started on microbeads!).

If you’re still not over your love affair with synthetic products, here are some simple DIY tips using natural ingredients you have around the house you can flirt with.

Got a pimple?

Mix a teaspoon of yeast with some lemon juice to form a paste and apply to the eruption and leave it for 10 minutes while the yeast fights the bacteria, and the lemon helps it out.

Kissable lips

Freshly exfoliated lips look pinker, fuller and oh so pretty under your favourite lippie.

Next time you’ve got a hot date try mixing brown sugar and olive oil and give you lips a little scrub to remove dead skin cells and hydrate.

See next page for four more super simple home skincare tips – from teeth whitening to removing makeup, haircare to acne!

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