Earthwise Has The (Eco-Friendly) Scoop!


We have exciting news for eco-conscious laundry lovers! Introducing New Zealand’s own eco-friendly laundry powder scoop from Kiwi owned and operated Earthwise!  

Earthwise has been on the hunt for an eco-friendly laundry scoop and found a sustainable solution right on their doorstep. Their innovative team has created a fully recyclable cardboard scoop (like the laundry powder box itself) with zero impact on the product’s footprint or consumers’ wallets. 

Unique to Earthwise, the scoop uses no extra cardboard either, as it’s made from the remaining cardboard that would have been fully recycled anyway, helping to close the loop. All you need to do is simply open your Earthwise Laundry Powder, tear away the scoop inside, fold it together and scoop away. This is Kiwi ingenuity at its best!  

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