Behind the scenes at Thunderpants: quality, ethical garment production


Thunderpants are all about longevity and building relationships. Nearly 23 years ago their creators were driven by one of their mums to a textile factory shop in Levin. Armed with $30 each, they carefully chose the fabric to begin production of the ultimate undie. To this day they are very proud to say that the only part of their supply chain that has changed in 23 years is the knitting mill, moving from their New Zealand option to ABMT in Australia. 

Every aspect of production, from the cotton growers in India to their clothes being sewn in Carterton can be traced, tested and controlled for quality. “Currently we can successfully trace 100% of our fabrics and garment manufacturing plus 95% + of sundry components, of which we use very little. We are constantly reviewing what we do and how we do it to strive for the most sustainable options possible. Over the years, we have strived to not only produce the highest quality, but most ethically sourced and sustainable Thunderpants we possibly can.” 

The directors of Thunderpants, Josie and Sophie Bidwill work alongside six other staff members and several dogs at Thunderpants Head Quarters, 42 Naples street, Martinborough. The fabrics are designed either in house or by the fabulous Wellington-based designer Greta Menzies and sampled in their workroom before being sewn by their manufacturers. 

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