Easter Egg Alternatives: Great Ways to Leave the Eggs for People Who Need to Eat Them

Easter Egg Alternatives 

Brainstorming at the dinner table last night, here’s what we came up with for Easter egg alternatives. Maybe some of them will work for your home this year, too. 

  • Dye some wooden eggs! 
  • Re-use the plastic eggs you’ve used in years past. Still have them? Great! You can decorate them with stickers, with colourful tape, paint, or whatever you’ve got handy! 
  • Use your egg dye to dye your Easter egg alternatives. We like this natural one (non-toxic and better for the planet than some of the popular alternatives). It can work for lots of things: 
    – Rocks 
    – Blocks (natural wood ones - and they’d still be fun to play with later!) 
    – Balled up paper 
    – Pieces of cloth from an old rag or t-shirt you don’t need anymore 
    – Cotton balls 
    – Ping pong balls 
  • Cut pieces of paper into egg shapes and make it a family art project. 
  • Pick the new thing to hide! Make it totally silly. Who can find Daddy’s smelly sock? The hidden baseball? 
  • Try paper mache! 
  • Let your child decide (even if it means you end up with garlic eggs like us)! 

Easter egg alternatives don’t replace the “real deal”. But maybe this is one of those reminders that the eggs aren’t what Easter is really about, anyway. 

Easter itself, by its very definition, is a holiday about sacrifice and rebirth. It’s about losing one thing so that we can gain another – a much better “thing” that goes far beyond that which was temporary.

When we keep that in mind, it’s the perfect metaphor to help us let go of some of our traditions this year – including Easter eggs – and help us start something new. There’s no time like the present to be putting others first. 

I’d love to hear what traditions you’re starting this year – or what you’re trying on a temporary basis. Comment below! 

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