Easter Egg Alternatives: Great Ways to Leave the Eggs for People Who Need to Eat Them

By Sarah R. Moore

As much as I hate to say it, Easter is going to feel really weird for a lot of us this year. We’re going to be looking for Easter egg alternatives, for one thing. Why? So that people who need food (and can’t get it easily with all the shortages) can have a better chance of eating. Yes, it’s important. 

Truth be told – and personally – it’s always felt wasteful to me to buy a carton of eggs knowing full well that I’m going to decorate them, hide them, and then shortly thereafter, throw them away.

I didn’t plan to look for Easter egg alternatives for this reason, but in a way, I’m glad to have a reason to start a new tradition. One thing at a time, though. 

But geez, we have kids, right? How the heck are we supposed to tell them they can’t dye eggs this year? 

Fortunately, we have a few good things on our side. 

  1. Kids are really resilient – especially if we involve them in problem solving. I opted to be really straightforward with my child. I told her matter-of-factly that the grocery stores are short on eggs this year, so we’d need to find something else to decorate. Being that she’s six, she instantly and naturally went into creative mode. She proceeded to grab a peel of garlic off a clove, wrap it in some packaging tape, and say it would work as an “egg.” So, yeah. At my house, we’ll be hunting for…you’ve got it right…wrapped garlic peels this year. We have her full enthusiasm and buy-in since it was her idea. (I’m still working on my peace with it, truth be told.) But garlic it is! 
  2. We have lots of Easter egg alternatives at our disposal. We can dye other things. Some might even look and feel a lot like the real deal. 
  3. Kids have the best imaginations of any of us. 
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