Emily’s Great Adventure: A Breastfeeding Book For Children

Samantha Callen, mother of two and founder of Wild Child Education Co., has written a book for children about breastfeeding, that gently introduces breastfeeding through play-based education.  

The need for the book came from realising the huge gap in education about breastfeeding and the fact that some people never have the chance to learn about, or even hear about, breastfeeding before their late teens / early twenties.    

While talking to numerous people, including first time mothers, breastfeeding families, pumping and formula feeding families, the need was clear that a resource for children had to be created.   
The need for normalising breastfeeding is not a new one, but this revolutionary take on breastfeeding education allows it to be learned at a younger age and gives children the opportunity to learn about breastfeeding in ANY home, whether breastfeeding occurs in their home or not.

Imagine that we could start a generation off with the knowledge and confidence of breastfeeding through everyday play, and by learning through play-based education.

We can gently teach generations to come about breastfeeding and that it is another way to feed children. It would be normalised right from the beginning.    

The Kickstarter for Samantha’s book, Emily’s Great Adventure: A Breastfeeding Book For Children, launches April 18th. Check it out here 
You can also find Wild Child Education Co. on Facebook and through Samantha’s website.

Samantha Callen lives in Pennsylvania with her two daughters, Lillian and Alexandria, who are among the inspiration for her first children’s book and other projects, and her husband Shane. She wants to see a world where the nature of being human can be embraced, celebrated and taught from an early age. 

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