Empowering Women to Heal, Love & Reconnect With Their Joy For Life

Conscious Fairies

Patrycja Oledzka has set up her own venture, Conscious Fairies, to empower women, mothers, wives, partners and daughters to become true to themselves, despite societal pressure and norms: to awaken their intuitive gifts, come back to their femininity after trauma, relationship breakdown and childbirth, and reconnect with their joy for life in order to happily guide their children into healthy adolescence and adulthood. She does this through private energy transformation sessions, workshops and programs, singing for confidence sessions and courses, as well as events. To combine her passion for helping women with her own love for a bit of weirdness, glitter and childlike nature, she created several fairy/princess like characters that you can choose to work with depending on the nature of your challenge.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

My own journey of trying to fit in, following the modern societal norms of working at a full-time job, buying a house, a car and then starting a family. Nothing worked out as planned. I always felt very much out of place and each attempt to work in a man’s world would nearly end in a breakdown or at best, a resignation from work within a few months.

When I became a mother, the first two weeks after giving birth were seriously the best weeks of my life. I felt I was in the right place at the right pace, fulfilling my mission, and I was so calm and my heart was in so much joy.

Sometime after that, I started getting the pressure of “doing it right”, “needing to think of where I am going to work next”, “not spoiling my child with too much attention or constant breastfeeding”. I experienced a relationship breakdown and I felt so alone, so anxious, not being able to ask for help as much as I should have, balancing between the love for my child and the depression I felt inside of me. It really was not easy. I realised that I needed to reach out for professional help, because I wouldn’t be able to provide a healthy start for my baby otherwise, if I continued in that state. I reached out to a life coach, and then another one. Through my work with these amazing women, I have managed to break the unhealthy pattern in my relationship and achieve more balance with co-parenting. I have moved location to be in a more peaceful, more familiar place, where I feel safer and more connected to nature, people around me and my daughter. Finally working on my deepest wounds, healing childhood trauma, my natural and beautiful intuitive gifts awakened and it all became clear why all my previous jobs were not meant for me. It was just against my soul. I was supposed to go through all I went through, so that I can now share it with other women and help them discover the healing power of God, universal love, source, you can call it whatever you want. It is something bigger and wiser than our ego mind and we all have access to it every single day.

I do need to mention that I used healing modalities and guided sessions and meditations of a sexual trauma teacher before I was able to conceive (it took me 6 months from when I really knew I wanted a baby to actually conceiving). A doctor told me that I could have endometriosis and that I should not think of babies right away. I was devastated, but over several weeks, I kind of accepted that fact. Two or three months later, when I was doing all the womb clearings and meditations, I actually did not think I was doing it to prepare myself for a baby; I thought I was doing some karmic clearings to balance my chakras. I had no idea that 4 years later I was going to be able to do that myself and help other women. Enabling them to feel more connected to their natural state, monthly cycles, processing emotions with more awareness and self-compassion, coming back to stability and safety after relationship trauma, difficult childbirth, depression, emotional and hormonal imbalance and more. So, to answer your question: I set up my business because I love women. I love women who are brave enough to become mothers in this modern world, women who are willing to give their children a real, conscious, calm, natural love and care. And I know that it is not always easy before we heal our own childhood wounds and let go of negative energy blocking the natural flow in our bodies.

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

Hmmm, it was all coming in little bits and pieces here and there for about 8 years. In 2016, my partner at that time told me I would be really good at dressing up as princesses for children’s parties, and I liked that idea! I grew up on Disney songs and stories, I absolutely loved singing, dancing, arts and crafts and I felt like it was going to be the job of my dreams. I had an attempt at setting up a company then and do the children’s parties. I did a few and they were lovely. I loved myself in Elsa’s character, especially because the songs resonated so much with me, but the party environment very quickly started to feel a little too overwhelming to me and also, I didn’t feel like I could be totally myself. At the end of the day, I needed to play a cartoon character. So, I only did some events and parties over the years. Around 8 months ago, I truly understood my intuitive and mentoring gifts and started working with women. I wanted to organise events, workshops, programs and guiding women towards a better, more fulfilled, more joyful life, so I came back to an idea of having my own venture in this field. I did a coaching program, started a business course and just did what I felt intuitively guided to do.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

I have organised a couple of events for women, as well as started running 1:1 energy healing and life transformation sessions. I was absolutely amazed at how well we were able to find the root cause of the problem my client came to me with. Really, we could do several years’ worth of work in just two or three sessions. So why did I feel tired, anxious, not fulfilled? Why was my heart not singing from joy? What was I missing? I fell into a trap of trying to fit into an adult world, to be seen, be perceived as a grown-up woman who is starting her own business, she has got it all worked out, she has the skill now and she got all so serious about it.

Ahhh…so disconnected from my INNER CHILD, from that part of me that wanted to have fun, that wanted the quirky outfits, glitter and spells. So I had to go back to my inner work, let the KIDDO out and let her play a big role in my business as well as my family life. We are so serious, we treat life and our daily tasks so seriously, it gets exhausting. I was the queen of exhaustion and serious face for a while. I am so glad I noticed it and very grateful to everyone that pointed it out to me as well. I feel so much more aligned and just happy now and I cannot wait to share this love, healing, laughter and connection to God with other women who are ready to really integrate the grown-up woman with a messy, happy-for-no-reason child within them. The world needs this combination, and our children and our partners need this combination in us.

I also teach confidence through singing to women and children and I have noticed that working with teenagers is so rewarding! They might have a confidence issue, their voice will be shaky and quiet, they will at first look at me all weird and with a bit of discernment: “Is this woman alright?” hahahaha, but they learn, they take the guidance on board, they have much less defence mechanism and resistance and the results are truly extraordinary!

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