Fascinating Things About Your Newborn You Probably Didn’t Know

  • Newborns don’t make emotional tears until they’re between two and four months old. Any tears that come before that are either just lubricating tears or flushing irritants. (source)
  • Until they are about 7 months old, babies can actually breathe and swallow at the same time! (source: Morris, Desmond. 2008. Amazing Baby. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books)
  • Mamas – pure love isn’t the only reason you feel compelled to kiss your baby. Apparently, kissing your baby means you actually ingest any bacteria or viruses on your baby’s skin. In turn, your body will create antibodies that get passed to your baby through your breastmilk, that protect your baby from infection!
  • The reason your baby puts absolutely everything in their mouth is because a newborn has the most developed nerve endings in their mouth. It’s not until about 7 months old that they start exploring things with their hands. (source)
  • Newborns recognise and prefer the cadence of their native language at birth, which suggests that they begin learning in utero. Babies may even cry with intonations of this mother tongue. (source)

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