Discover Why Thousands of Women Receive Regular Massage During Pregnancy

By Kristy Jenkinson

As a woman, one of the most joyous and exciting times of your life is when you discover you’re pregnant. Feeling your baby grow and kick inside you is magical but as beautiful as this stage of life can be, it can also be very challenging on a woman’s body. The strategic production of hormones mixing with structural changes can leave most women feeling physically sore, nauseous and highly fatigued.

Thousands of women around the country are now utilizing the benefits of Remedial Massage to support the body during structural changes and potentially improve the body’s ability to perform during birth.

So how does massage do this?

  • Stability

With all those clever softening hormones pumping through your body, your joints start loosening. This then puts higher demand on major muscle groups like the hips and lower back, making them work overtime to stabilise the area.

Massage can help relax these exhausted muscle groups and relieve any spasming caused from constant muscle contraction. This can reduce pain while increasing your ability to stay active during pregnancy which may improve your ability to cope with labor.

  • Mental health

Becoming a mother is an emotional whirlwind. Whether you feel you are ready to become a mother or not, most women start questioning everything about themselves and their abilities. Anxiety, insomnia, depression and body image are the most common issues to plague a new mothers mind. Mental stress often presents in the neck and shoulders of a mother-to-be causing headaches and a slumping posture.

Massage is not only comforting on aching neck muscles, but it can also assist in maintaining the posture to the upper back muscles. This is very important as you will require a good strong upper body when it comes to regularly feeding and holding your baby.

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