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SPoil Special Oils

Created by mum- and daughter-in-law team Chryssie and Renee Woodham, SPoil Special Oils is a combination of their creativity and passion for sustainable, natural, effective skincare products. With a focus on natural beauty, health and wellbeing, they share their holistic knowledge in their blends of natural essential oils. Their healing, nourishing, hydrating ingredients gently heal skin issues as well as aiding relaxion, giving your body an all-over experience from head to toe. These 100% natural oils contain no nasties, so you can be safe in the knowledge you are being kind to the whole family’s skin and the environment.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business? 

We are a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo who have created SPoil Special Oils.

As a company, our ethos is responding to the need to have sustainable and natural skincare products with no preservatives, parabens, peg compounds, mineral oil, palm oil, artificial colouring or artificial fragrance. 

Chryssie: I have been in the natural skincare, cosmetic, colour, and personal style industry for the past 35 years and have a holistic belief of bringing mind, body and spirit together. Using hydrating plant oils and therapeutic healing qualities of 100% essential oils together does just that. After a chance remark from Renee, my daughter-in-law, who wanted more of my ‘preggy’ oil, “this oil is so good, we ought to share this with others”, an idea was formed.  

We partnered together with both our skills of creativity, planning, implementation and marketing, and a passion for creating something special. 

Renee: I have been in the natural skincare, cosmetic and nutritional industry for the past 6 years and started my journey with a want to have a cleaner approach to everyday life for myself and my family. 

I am a busy mum to 2 beautiful girls, and a cute wee boy. I also work alongside my husband and his father in their successful family business joinery company and an online health & wellness business. 

Life is full, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. As Chryssie mentions, to be able to share these oils with others was a must. We all have so many daily stresses, pressures and expectations to uphold, and to be able to give people a beautiful oil to apply to their face/body or little people that will help with what it suggests on the label, but additionally will help them emotionally and mentally due to the wellness benefits of the ingredients, is super existing. 

I used our SPoil Nourishing Pregnancy Oil for all 3 of my pregnancies with excellent results in preventing stretch marks, so to have something that actually works and gave me that peace of mind was comforting. 

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

We started a year ago when Renee was in her last stage of pregnancy, which gave us an instant win with friends and colleagues who she also knew were pregnant. With a newborn and two other children to care for, we decided to put the business on hold for 6 months and look to the goal of properly launching at The Christchurch Baby Show in June of this year. Then we quickly followed with The Go Green Expo. We so enjoyed having conversations with people and finding out their skin challenges and to see them react so positively when applying SPoil Special Oils on their skin was so rewarding. 

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?  

What we are most excited about is that we have created a range to synergistically work together. Out of a need for baby oil for Renee’s baby Jovi’s dry skin, our Nurturing Baby Oil was formulated to become a set with the Nourishing Pregnancy Oil

This was then followed by Hydrating Massage Oil and Luscious Body Oil, which has the most amazing aroma when applied. It is recommended you cup your hand over your nose and breathe in after you have massaged the oil in to get an uplifting affect from the essential oil blend.  

Next came Rejuvenating Facial Oil, which is designed for the under 50s to hydrate the skin and at the same time it has oil balancing abilities. It also helps heal scar tissue, blemishes and our Vibrancy Facial Oil is for the more mature and sensitive skins; both with high antioxidants and anti-aging qualities. 

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