Forward-Facing: A perfectly acceptable option for connecting with your baby

Photography:Poppy Peterson Photography

By Brooke Maree

Make sure your carrier supports optimal forward facing where the knees can raise higher than the bottom in the hip healthy M position, and their spine can be curved in it’s natural J-like shape. 

You can start forward facing from generally 5 months of age, no younger than 4 months, and up to 12-18 months of age. Check your individual carrier guidelines before you proceed. Beyond 18 months your little one is generally a bit too big here, and while still doable, you’d be more comfy having them on your back in the carrier, or on your hip in a ring sling.

As long as you carry your baby high, have their pelvis/bottom tucked, their legs in the M position, and your back clip on your bra line not up near your neck, you and your baby will be really comfortable here and enjoy a different way of carrying and connecting.

Pick your time and place. For younger bubs, try avoid super stimulating and noisy settings as they don’t have your chest to retreat into.

A good guideline for facing out, especially for younger bubs, is to keep it to 20 minutes and then turn them back to face in. BUT, if your bub is a bit older and you’ve assessed the situation (i.e. you’re still feeling super comfortable and your little one is having a ball looking around), you can continue past 20 minutes. Just continue to monitor your child, checking they aren’t getting overwhelmed or tired and needing your chest to lay onto. 

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