Fussy Eaters, Busy Parents and Smuggling those Veggies In

Yes, we’ve all been there (delete as appropriate):

a: You spend hours in the kitchen, but whatever you create your wee darling refuses to eat anything resembling a vegetable.

b: You work long hours away from home; you are on your knees. You would love your kids to eat home-cooked food every night, but you are    EXHAUSTED. Frozen chicken nuggets it is then.

Well Ladies and Gents, riding to your rescue is Get Real Foods founded by mums who understand.

The Beef and Chicken Smugglers are stealth food. Your standard breaded bites on the outside, the kind that kids love – coated with super-crispy panko breadcrumbs. But on the inside? Packed full of veggies: carrots, cauliflower, parsley, pumpkin, enough to make Mr MacGregor blush.

We caught up with Melissa Settler, one half of the healthy food company, to hear more.

What inspired you to start Get Real Food?

Being passionate about food and busy mums to young children (including a couple of fuss pots), we were very aware of the lack of healthier convenient options available in New Zealand. Previously being in business together, we knew we made a good team. As we were both ready to re-join the workforce, we began to dream and plan Get Real Food.

How did you test your Smugglers?

We cooked and cooked and cooked! Our children, husbands, extended family and friends have all sampled many batches of smugglers and sauce.

Your top 5 tips to encourage kids to eat veg?

  1. If they won’t eat it, smuggle it in! Soups, sauces, pies, pizzas…
  2. Make a garden! Kids who grow their own veggies are way more likely to eat them.
  3. Let them help prepare the meal
  4. Dinner art! Get creative and use the veggies to make faces.
  5. Don’t stop offering it! One day they might surprise you.

Where do you source the ingredients from?

We use as many free range and local ingredients as possible. We are proud to say that our sauces are made with NZ tomatoes and pumpkin.

I hear a new improved Smugglers recipe is coming soon, how are they going to change?

Our new and improved Smugglers are available now in selected New World, Pak’nSave and Countdown supermarkets. We now use a panko crumb and have smuggled in even more veggies. A new manufacturer with modern equipment has allowed us to delete some of the ingredients that we previously had to use to thicken the mixture making room for more of the good stuff.

Any other plans for the future?

We have so many ideas! We are currently working on expanding our sauce range as well as introducing a gluten-free option of our Smugglers.

Check here for your closest stockist! http://getrealfood.co.nz/stockists/

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