Mum-led, Melbourne-based business WINS ‘Most Wholesome Children’s Nutrition Company’

Audrey & Alfie

Local, Melbourne-based and Mum-led business, Audrey & Alfie, has won the award for Most Wholesome Children’s Nutrition Company in the esteemed Australian Enterprise Awards 2024.

Audrey & Alfie was started by Carly and Zoe, two Melbourne mums who were experiencing first-hand the ‘parent juggle’ when returning to work from parental leave, and lacking the time to prepare nutritious home-made meals themselves. Unsatisfied by the nutritional value of existing ready-made options for babies and children, both for at-home meals and on-the-go lunchbox fillers, they set about creating a brand and product offering that offered convenient options tailor-made for children, without compromising on nutrition.

Why? Because they believed (and still do!) that parents shouldn’t have to choose between good nutrition or time with their kids, or for themselves.

Zoe and Carly met when they were 3 years old, living two houses down from each other on the same street in Melbourne. Childhood friends, they attended kinder, primary school and university together, and even played for the same netball team through high school. It was during their university days that they both developed a passion for health & wellbeing, with Zoe studying Nutrition and Dietetics and Carly studying Psychology.

Many years later, having both pursued successful careers in the health sector, they found themselves on maternity leave at the same time. Carly with her first child (Audrey), and Zoe with her third (Alfie). Facing their return to work, they regularly discussed their annoyance at not being able to find quality, home-made-style, convenient options for their little ones. Unsatisfied with the traditional options available – many of which are heat treated, or contain added sugars or artificial preservatives – they instead spent hours preparing nutritious meals and snacks in their own kitchens, and ended up exhausted.

And thus, the idea of Audrey & Alfie was born.

“We were concerned about the poor nutritional value of existing convenient baby and toddler meals, which typically came with added preservatives, or heat treated to make them shelf stable. So, we both found ourselves regularly up late at night preparing home-made food, and figured there must be other parents facing similar challenges”. (Zoe)

“We wanted to create a healthy alternative to the existing supermarket offerings to help take the pressure off busy families. We also wanted to provide parents with practical, evidence-based advice to help them confidently navigate their journey”. (Carly)

It took Zoe, a dietitian, and Carly, an education and wellbeing policy professional, 18 months to develop the brand and product range, which launched late last year. Currently offering home deliveries throughout greater Melbourne and regional Victoria, they have plans for expansion interstate in the near future, and also have a growing retail presence, with a number of gourmet food stockists in the Melbourne area and Surf Coast.

Audrey & Alfie offers dietitian-designed meals, snacks & finger foods for babies, toddlers & children, snap frozen and delivered directly to the door of busy families. All their products are made using high quality ingredients, including local and organic ingredients where possible. They contain no added salt or refined sugar, and are free from artificial preservatives.

About Audrey & Alfie products

Audrey & Alfie provides dietitian-designed meals, snacks and lunchbox items, which are snap frozen and delivered to families’ doors. Their food is made in Melbourne, using locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible. It contains no added salt or refined sugar and is free from artificial preservatives, additives or fillers. The food is based on the same recipes they use at home with their kids, so it’s made from whole foods from across the core food groups, and packed full of vegetables (with both hidden and visible veggie options).

The range was also designed for little ones across all ages and stages, with tasty and nutritious meals and snacks for on-the-go or at home. You can learn more at:

What’s in Audrey & Alfie products?

In comparison to typical supermarket offerings, you don’t need a science degree to understand the ingredients list on Audrey & Alfie’s food. Their meals & snacks are made from whole foods, sourced locally and organically where possible. And they don’t skimp on flavour, with herbs & spices and plenty of vegetables packed in, too.

Their Corn & Zucchini Fritters for example contain:

  • Zucchini 50%
  • Corn 14%
  • Organic chickpea flour
  • Cheese
  • Free range egg
  • Full cream milk
  • Spring onion
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Cumin – sweet paprika
  • Thyme
  • Oregano

In this product: sugars are less than 2.9g per 100g, Sodium (salt) is in the low range at 102 mg per 100g.

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