Great Health, Great Energy, Great Body: Do You Need Help to Find This Again?

Do you feel good in your body? Do you fuel yourself with great nutrition, have lots of energy and get yourself moving regularly? Or do you need a little help to get back to feeling great again? Let Fi Modderman – health coach and trainer – teach you how to discover great health in your body. Achieve a sustainable weight through breaking habits of a lifetime,  nutritional coaching and finding exercise that you love. So that you can be ready, physically, mentally and emotionally – to become the best version of you ever and reach all those as-yet unfilled dreams and desires! We spoke to Fi about her amazing business to learn more. 

The Passion: What inspired you to  set up your business?

Growing up as a young girl, then woman, I had the usual unhappiness with my body. I was always wanting to lose more weight, look a certain way, gain more muscle, stop eating this, stop eating that. It became such a part of my life, that on some level food, exercise and my weight were always on my mind. In everything that I did.

I developed an eating disorder which lasted for about a year and a half, from which I managed to heal myself completely from, lose the weight I always wanted to lose and in the process, gain the body confidence that was holding me back from REALLY enjoying my life! I had complete food freedom, which gave me freedom to do more and be more.

It gave me an even bigger desire to help more women in the world who are struggling with their health, weight and therefore happiness.

Whilst I had studied at university for a Bachelor of Physical Education, I soon realised that exercise is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to losing weight, keeping it off and having a happy life where everything is in balance. So after I had my three children, I gained my certification as a health coach and also as an advanced clinical weight loss practitioner.

I love helping women realise how amazing the human body was designed to feel and how they too, can have a lifestyle free of dieting and gruelling exercise, but still have their perfect, healthy, happy body.

The Launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

I first started by setting up a Facebook page and posting things that I was doing. Highlights of my day. Food that I eat. Snippets of the sort of exercise I do. When I was ready to start coaching, I first invited half a dozen people to be my guinea pigs and to see how the coaching shaped their lives and to increase my skills and confidence. They all received massive value and completely changed their mindsets. All of my clients have discovered that the coaching has helped them in far more ways than just their body alone.

Innovation: What was the biggest break-through for you?

When I left university with my PE degree, I very un-PC declared that, “I want to help all the fat people lose weight”.
But through my own life experiences since then and through coaching dozens of clients now, I have had a fundamental shift in my thought patterns.

Instead of wanting to help women lose weight, I want to help woman GAIN HEALTH. This is a big turn around in mindset and when this happens and habits towards improved health change, then the weight loss becomes a side effect.

When we focus purely on the weight alone, we haven’t changed our lifestyles enough to make the weight loss last, nor have we become happier, more confident or necessarily even healthier!

So these days, it’s all about health first.

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