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Because you see, my midwife was a genius. And she knows that great secret, that women are strong beyond belief. I remember the same moment during the birth of my first child, when I realised in sharp clarity that I was the most alone I had ever been in my life. No one can push this baby out but me. And that final terrifying resolution, that I better just get on with it. So that’s what I did. 

The next earth shattering wave of pain rippled up my body, and I took a gusty breath, felt the rhythm of my lungs, kept my head just above it. And I lent into the pain. 

I want my baby. I want my baby. I want my baby. 

The next contraction, I was bearing down and my guttural bellowing sent my midwife running back into the room. We had a laugh later about how well she knew that the best thing for me was that she leave. I needed to stop resisting each contraction and work with my body. She’d been waiting and heard me yelling, and announced to the other nurses in the ward that it had worked. She came running back into the room with another midwife to assist. I was in second stage. 

I gave birth standing right there, staring like a deadly warrior into my husband’s eyes, just 6 minutes later. 

I have never felt so powerful in my entire life, and I was so incredibly grateful that I had made that birth plan to include as many natural options as possible, and stuck to it. 

Birth rarely goes to plan, but in the end whether you opt for an epidural, or have a c-section, whether you go totally drug-free or end up needing emergency interventions – when it’s all over you can look at that divine little face and know – you did this. Bliss.   

It was that birth that inspired me to open Bliss Birth, a one stop shop for products to support your natural birthing experience. Every bit of wisdom and knowledge I gleaned from my incredible midwife went into the creation of our range of products and now we support women, midwives and doulas all around Australia. Check out our range of products and hire options

Ariel is a mum of 2, social worker, coffee addict and founder of Bliss Birth. Visit the Bliss Birth website to find out more and join their supportive Facebook and Instagram communities.

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