How To Bring Mindfulness Into Parenting

Being a parent is a rollercoaster of a journey. You will get the best memories of your life but also experience the craziest of situations. It is often described as the most challenging job you will ever have. New research shows that applying mindfulness to parenting improves parent/child relationships and significantly reduces the common challenges and stresses related to parenting.

In its most simple form, mindful parenting is about giving your child your full attention without judgement. This approach also helps children recognise and regulate their own emotions and behaviours.

Everyone who has children knows that this is easier said than done, as life tends to throw you challenges and hurdles in the most inconvenient times. Being a mindful parent takes practice but the benefits are monumentally worthwhile.

Looking at the spectre of parenting styles, research has found that mindful parenting is no doubt “best practice” when it comes to raising a healthy and confident child and building a resilient and positive relationship between parents and their children.

How to bring mindfulness into parenting:
  • Non-judgemental acceptance of yourself and your child. This means to love and appreciate yourself and your child for who you are, not what society thinks you should be. Try to stop automatic judgements, question what is behind your child’s behaviour, and appreciate all the things that make your child who they are.
  • Listen, read and respond. This means not only listening to what your child is saying but also looking towards their body language and verbal cues to truly understand what they are trying to communicate. To fully understand, you have to focus on all their movements and tune in to the tone of their voice, before responding or reacting
  • Choose an aligned early childhood education centre. If you want to extend the benefits of mindfulness for your child outside of your home, choosing a childcare centre which practices mindful education and care is an invaluable way to make sure your child gets the best start in life and in learning. Boutique centres such as New Shoots embrace the concept wholeheartedly and foster creativity so children can completely immerse themselves in their own exploring and imagination, while cultivating a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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