How To Bring Mindfulness Into Parenting

How to bring mindfulness into parenting, continued:
  • Do one thing at a time. It is very hard to sit down with your child and build a Lego house when you really should have put the potatoes in the oven, emptied the lunch box, and put on a load of washing so you all have something to wear tomorrow. However, if you manage to sit down for even just ten minutes and give your child your full, undivided attention, it can be an incredibly special moment for the both of you.
  • Be aware of emotions. Teaching your child to be aware of their own emotions early on will be an incredibly useful life skill for them in the future years. Talk to your child about how they are feeling and encourage them to question and explore their own emotional reactions to situations.
  • Enjoy the moment. Learn to be present in the moment. Your child will be grown before you know it, and you will one day miss the little things that seem like challenges today. When situations test your tolerance, try and reframe them into something positive and educational.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. As parents we can often be very hard on ourselves. An important part of mindfulness is to remember that you are doing the very best job you can. These suggestions for incorporating a mindfulness practice with your child has been intended to makes things easier, not more complicated, so do what is practical for you and your family and give yourself credit for your efforts no matter how small.

If you are able to include some mindful parenting at home, and your child is also exposed to mindful learning at their early childhood centre, they will learn positive and proactive tools that will help with their own self awareness, growth and learning, which will support them on their journey towards becoming independent adults.

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