How to prepare for the unexpected surprises of parenthood

As well as evidence-based information drawn from the latest Guidelines and research, the guide features real-life experiences and stories from mums and dads about all aspects of parenthood – not just the highlights reel! 

Since the launch of Ready to COPE, we’ve had over 12,000 mums and dads sign up to receive their emails which are timed to coincide with where parents are at in their parenthood journey. 

Upon completion, parents are asked to undertake a voluntary survey, which has provided rich insights and information into its success.

More than four in five people said Ready to COPE helped them prepare for the emotional and/or mental health challenges that they faced on the journey through pregnancy and early parenthood.

Over 90 per cent said Ready to COPE helped comfort them and/or made them feel less alone with the more difficult emotional and/or mental health challenges they felt during the transition.

Almost all (98 per cent) said they would recommend the guide to other expectant and new parents. 

The overwhelming feedback we receive from new parents is just how much it helps to feel that whatever you’re experiencing, whether it’s joy, frustration, sadness, or sheer bone-tired exhaustion, you’re not alone.

As a new mama told us recently, “Your timely emails helped me to realise that I’m not alone in this, that it’s OK and completely normal for motherhood to have challenges and ambivalence.”

Sign up to the Ready to COPE guide here and visit the COPE website to learn more about the support they offer.

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