I’m Becoming a Mother… Is it Safe to Keep My Pets Around?

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By Dr. Dawn Kingston

Just this week Google told me that some visitors to this site were looking up information on what they should do if they’re expecting and have a pet. 

This is a question that seems to come up time and time again: ‘Is it safe to keep my pet if I’m expecting?’ 

I think it may be time to reframe this question and look at it from perhaps, a new angle. 

A better question might be: 

Is it beneficial to keep pets around during pregnancy?  

When it comes to… your mental health: 

The answer is… yes! And how wonderful it is that we don’t have to make a difficult decision of whether to rehome your furry friends or not. It turns out that pets can actually strengthen your emotional wellbeing, reducing your chances of postpartum depression and decreasing anxiety. 

When it comes to… cats and toxoplasmosis: 

Are you a cat parent?

With all the myths and advice surrounding cat care and pregnancy, it’s no wonder there is so much confusion surrounding cats and pregnancy.

Like with many myths, there is usually a grain of truth somewhere. Our OB/GYN friends over at Maternity Comfort Solutions are often asked if it is safe - is it actually a health risk for pregnant women to be around cats? If you are concerned about toxoplasmosis, be sure to find out what Doug and Sue from Maternity Comfort Solutions have to say. 

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