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Are you a happy, healthy mum? Do you feel your vitality and strength? If you are somewhat lacking, struggling with digestive issues, not getting enough movement, and feel your lifestyle may be lacking – perhaps some health coaching would benefit you. Sara Isbister is a certified primal health coach, certified Pilates therapist and exercise specialist, and her passion is helping mums in need. We spoke to Sara to learn more about her business Uplift Health.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?

I’ve had a passion for health since very young and have been a health and exercise professional (BPhEd Exercise Prescription, PGDip Sports Medicine, STOTT Pilates Studio Therapist) for over 15 years. Despite my best efforts I’ve struggled with my health. My own journey has led me deep down the rabbit hole of much research and personal experimentation to finally adopt a primal lifestyle about two years ago. It changed my life so dramatically that eventually the decision to become a Primal Health Coach naturally evolved.

It may seem convoluted at first glance to follow the example of our ancient ancestors, but the ancestral model provides a time tested, comprehensive blueprint for optimal human health. Understanding how far we have strayed from our genetics to fit into this “modern” life we’ve created holds all the answers as to why most diets and exercise regimes fail, and guess what? It ISN’T your fault. Our modern lifestyle and food choices disrupt the body’s ability to regulate appetite, hijack our reward systems, terrorizes our delicate hormonal balance and is making us sick, hungry and fat. The great thing about understanding this, gives you the ability to get back in the driving seat of your health. This approach resonates the most with my values of natural parenting and bringing my kids up in the most natural ways possible by minimizing the toxic load of our fast-paced modern lives. It’s essentially the lifestyle nature intended for creating healthy happy resilient humans, giving you all the benefits of primal living within the context of a modern world.

This approach resonates the most with my values of natural parenting and bringing my kids up in the most natural ways possible by minimizing the toxic load of our fast-paced modern lives.

Since as long as I can remember, I had struggled with digestive issues, depression and excess weight. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and an assortment of food sensitivities, which in part was a blessing and a burden. I had prided myself on being “natural” and “healthy”, so to require medication was quite a blow. It was around this time I stumbled on ancestral nutrition which provided an easy template for non-inflammatory food options whilst managing a gauntlet of allergies. And it worked, was sustainable and now I don’t even miss the things I used to eat. After having two children also with food sensitivities, postnatal depression, significant weight gain, a family member’s brush with cancer, and a deep desire to raise healthy kids, I decided to become a primal health coach to acquire more knowledge and the missing pieces to my health.

For kids to be happy and healthy they need happy healthy mums. Uplift Health was born to help busy mums create effortless health and wellbeing for themselves and a lifestyle that works for their families. With this health blueprint I have experienced enormous transformation in my own life, witnessed the same in many others and want the same for all looking for it too.

If you would like more info on how health coaching might help you, see www.uplifthealthcoach.com

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?

The launch of the business has been incremental over the past year since I graduated from the Primal Health Coaching Institute. My first few clients were in person, acquired through word of mouth and social media organic advertising.

As a Pilates therapist, I saw a need for a more holistic approach in the client treatment model. Diet, mindset and lifestyle all play a massive part in healing and there is often a disconnect to how these might affect health and recovery.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?

The biggest breakthrough has been taking my business online and finding a virtual coaching solution that can be accessed easily and is easy to use. The problem for most mums is the ability to fit in time to overhaul your health and lifestyle. Online programs are convenient, cost effective, provide ongoing support, connect you to community and also solve the childcare dilemma.

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