Infant Potty Learning in the time of Covid

If you’ve ever noticed that your baby wees just after you’ve taken off their nappy, you’ll realise that this isn’t as crazy an idea as some might think. The rush of cool air when the nappy comes off is a cue for elimination – and that means it’s also a great time to pop baby onto a potty.  

So why do this in a pandemic year? Well, it’s all about consistency and paying attention to your baby. If the mere thought stresses you out, no problem. You can always come back to it when you’re in a better place. But if you’re intrigued, read on.  

Many of us have spent much more time at home than usual in this year of Covid lockdowns. That provides the perfect opportunity to develop a routine that incorporates potty time for your baby. You might have started to notice when they’re straining to push out a big one, too. Imagine if that solid waste went into an easily washed potty instead of onto a stinky disposable (sitting in your bin for a week or so) or onto a cloth nappy (better for the environment, but you know you’re going to have to soak and wash that sucker). Being able to flush solid waste away (or even apply it to your composting toilet if that’s your jam) is one of the most satisfying things the parent of a young child can do. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much!  

You might have read this far in the hope of money-saving tips. It’s pretty simple, really. Every nappy your child doesn’t soil is one less nappy you have to pay for. If you’re using disposables, you’ll buy less by pottying your baby. If you’re using cloth nappies, you’ll wash less. Either way it’s a saving. And once you start ‘catching’ poops – and eventually wees, too – you get the bonus feel-good feeling of saving the world, one nappy at a time. It’s surprisingly addictive. offers a step-by-step easy to follow book to help you start elimination communication with baby from birth or any age stage up to around 18 months. It’s written for busy parents with a touch of humour, because potty learning with elimination communication is fun. Join their supportive communities on Facebook and Instagram

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