Integration Time

Photography:Victoire Moulene Photography

By Sally Saint

As the restrictions slowly, slowly start to ease, it’s really important to allow ourselves integration time.

Like the gazelle that has survived the tiger chasing them, we need time to shake off the experience, as always nature and the natural world has the answer. 

For a whole year, death has been walking beside us, ever more obvious because of the nature of the pandemic and the effect it has had on every single one of us. So when the children start to go back to school and space opens up, our energy system will show us what we have been dealing with and it will need to be held. 

So instead of the euphoric ‘yes’ to more space, there will be an overwhelming river of held back and swallowed down emotions. The key is to allow, allow the shaking off like the gazelle; the release is a natural part of the healing process.

There is no need to pretend or hide from this moment in time, this is key to living beyond this period. This is sacred time and this space will change everything.

It means you can integrate all of the wisdom gained from this year, grieve for all the moments and people lost to the pandemic.  

The cuddles and connections to those you love that have had to be held at a distance from you, the compressed family life that has been you and your children with no extended help or connection from others. 

The tears of our children as they step out of the bubble first will be a mirror of our own processing, for they honestly communicate and honestly show that change is integrated by expressing. 

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