Let’s Get Vintage! Why Old-Fashioned Loose-Leaf Tea Beats The Coffee Craze Any Day

Everyone knows we live in a real coffee culture…the whirr and buzz of coffee machines is the soundtrack to our lives these days. But what about the loose-leaf tea? Surely it’s due for its time in the sun! An old-fashioned cup of tea is all about the ritual and the quality – why not bring a little of that old sparkle into your life?

I remember visiting my grandparents’ house where tea was a real occasion. We’re talking a proper organic loose-leaf tea steeping in a teapot, lovingly tucked into a snug tea cosy – how lovely!

Now skip forward 30 years and it’s all coming back around. The vintage record player they had in their house, the vintage clothes my gran owned, and yes definitely the loose-leaf tea in the lovely teapot! We enjoy a little old-time glory in our busy, sharp, modern lives. Tea is part of this too. It’s all about combining that great warm fuzz of an old tradition with having the option to add in new modern flavours if you choose.

There are so many different tea varieties now, from a good old-fashioned Earl Grey to a spicy Lemongrass and Ginger. The only difficulty is making a choice! Or you can do what I do and keep a whole selection on hand.

When wandering down the tea aisle in the supermarket, I often wonder why there isn’t a larger selection? If it’s the second most popular drink in the world, why are there only a few shelves?

But then I remember that I also don’t buy my beautiful vintage clothes in a shopping mall – it’s just not the place for that. I love my organic tea and to enjoy it properly I want to buy the best. No one-taste-fits-all for me I’m afraid. Give me quality, chemical-free loose-leaf tea over that any day.

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