Let’s Talk Emotions

Photography:Kantha Bae

By Belinda Haan

Let’s talk emotions for a bit. Anger, rage, guilt, sadness, anxiety. The sticky, unpleasant ones. Even though I *know* that allowing these emotions means that they can be processed, share wisdom and leave sooner. But, it is hard, isn’t it? ⠀ 

As a society, we revere positivity. Positivity feels good. We must strive to be positive! But what happens when we experience anger or resentment? We make it bad, or we make us bad or wrong, or we blame others. But what if we saw these emotions as neutral or as messengers helping us to pay attention and connect within? What if we knew that EVERYONE experiences these emotions.⠀ 

As a society, we revere positivity. Positivity feels good. We must strive to be positive!

What if we knew that motherhood was FULL of these challenging emotions? What if we knew that experiencing resentment, anger and sadness is COMPLETELY NORMAL and that, although it is confusing, they also often exist right beside joy, bliss, gratitude and love. ⠀ 

“Anger is often left off the list of maternal emotions, as our culture feels more comfortable with the gentle side of motherhood. But we have all been there and know the territory of pure anger that exists in every mother’s heart – whether she expresses it or not”
– @Lucyhpearce ‘Moods of Motherhood.’⠀ 

It’s time to build warmth and compassion for ourselves when we experience these emotions. The emotions are not wrong; there’s nothing wrong with us. We are just experiencing the paradox of being human 💛🧡 

Belinda Haan is a writer, advocate, and facilitator focused on re-writing the motherhood experience. She uniquely blends the best of psychology and heart to support women in their transition into motherhood. She is the founder of The Motherhood Gathering, which provides a loving container for women as they navigate the joy and full catastrophe of early motherhood. You can follow Belinda on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.  

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