Love Mum x  – The Perfect Toolkit for Postpartum

I designed recipe cards so that the recipes can be given to friends, family, partners, dads, anyone who wants to help and support the mum. They can take a card and make a dish. A homemade meal is the best gift you can receive in those early days, or a meal that can be frozen for when Dad goes back to work and Mum needs to feed the rest of the family whilst stuck on the couch cluster feeding – something easier to heat up. The recipes also range from main meals, to desserts, breakfast ideas and snacks that can be effortlessly consumed by Mum to help build energy. The contents are handmade essentials, locally made products from small businesses all tried and tested by myself, and acupuncture products used for thousands of years on mothers. The boxes and packaging have been chosen keeping the environment in mind using recycled cardboard.

These boxes are handmade with love, from one mother to another, hence the name ‘Love Mum x.’ You can find my postpartum care boxes via my website under shop and see my other essentials the box contains. 

Visit the Brodie Mitchell Acupuncture website to find out more or send Brodie an email at You can also connect with her on Instagram.


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