Make The Switch: Reusable Menstrual Products and Breast Pads

Reusable Menstrual Pads

Also called lady cloth, mama cloth and reusable sanitary pads. Some women just don’t want to be inserting anything, anywhere. Some might prefer to use a combination of the cup and pads. Reusable menstrual pads are washable, environmentally friendly, easy to wash and dry. They are discreet, plush and even chic – once you start you’ll be wanting them in all colours and shapes! Above all, they are comfortable – the cloth moves with your body and is silent and soft. The reusable lady cloth pad from Enhanced Health NZ is made with 100% cotton top layer, bamboo terry inner, hidden waterproof layer of pul and a flannel backing which offers a bit more slip resistance than the pul backed pads. But there’s a huge range – anti-slip pads, contour pads, pads for different flows, pocket pads, postpartum pads, trial packs, tween/teen pads, even bladder incontinence pads. Visit Enhanced Health NZ and get shopping. Once you’ve used one, just rinse or soak them in cold water to help with staining (this is optional), then toss them into either a cloth diaper wash or a regular wash, at whatever temperature. Easy!

Reusable Breast Pads

Early in the breastfeeding journey, a mama’s breasts can leak a lot. If you have never tried Reusable Breast Pads then you are in for a treat. Super soft and gentle next to the skin, and made with high quality, highly absorbent and breathable fabrics, reusable cloth breast feeding pads are convenient, comfortable and cost-effective. They’re made with a super soft bamboo velour top, microfiber inner, hidden waterproof layer with a minky backing. They will help prevent leaks on your clothing and protect your nipples without irritating them the way synthetics and plastics do. Again, you’ll be saving money as opposed to constantly buying disposables. Always change them when they’re wet, or within 10-12 hours to prevent infections – the warm, moist area is ideal for breeding bacteria. For that reason also, it’s best to wash them with clothing rather than any other reusable cloth nappies or pads.

Choosing reusable products for your menstrual cycle as well as in your parenting journey is one small but hugely important way you can make a difference to the planet’s ecology and our growing waste problem, while also being kinder to your beautiful body. It can take a little bit of adjustment to this new way of doing things, but it’s so worth it.

If you’re interested to get started, check out the range at Enhanced Health NZ. When you purchase from Enhanced Health NZ, the good folks there are able to donate reusable and sustainable menstrual products to support women and communities in need – so it’s a win-win! Their products are also available wholesale.

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