Miro House Kindergarten: Embracing Early Childhood

Miro House Kindergarten

Are you looking for a centre where your child can fully experience and embrace their early childhood years? 

Because children’s learning begins well before they start at school, choosing the right early childhood centre for your child is an important and often overlooked step in supporting your child to succeed when they enter into a more formal learning environment.

At Miro House Kindergarten, we allow the child to fully experience and enjoy their early childhood years. We have a truly unhurried and calm approach to early learning, allowing the child to develop and lay the foundations for more formal learning when they start their school journey. Through this approach, we are able to avoid children being hurried into more academic learning before they are ready.  

We have three main approaches that have helped us create this unhurried approach for children. 

Our natural environment

Inside and outside, our approach is to create a natural environment where children experience the different seasons. They play with natural resources and they help care for the environment, from composting and gardening, to sweeping up the autumn leaves and picking fruit, or growing vegetables for our shared meals, which they help to make. Or, they might just enjoy being in the garden and watching the life – the birds, the butterflies, worms or other creatures that share the environment with us. Children are just allowed to ‘be’.

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